The Magnificent Mercedes 140 S Class
Maintenance Tips and DIYs


This is a series of how-to guides, or DIYs (Do It Yourself) that were performed and documented by me, the author. The car shown above is a 1998 Mercedes S500. I think over the years, this car has had about everything replaced, including the motor and the trany (the motor I did myself, the tranny was a core/swap). It's truly a hobby, and I'm far from a pro, but I've documented stuff as I've stumbled along.

These articles are of my own making, and from my own research. If you use any of the material within then, like me, you're on you're own. Doing this sort of work is downright dangerous, especially crawling around below a 6,000 lb. car. You can't hold me or anyone else responsible for whatever, so if you don't feel comfortable doing this sort of mechanical work, then take your car to a shop and have it done for you.

I've actually performed the items listed, but am hesitating publishing all of them on the web in lieu of my book that will be the complete document. Hopefully it will be ready for publishing soon. Book will also detail many methods on how to use a simple handheld OScope for diagnostics, OBD-II diagnostics, some parts diagrams (non-proprietary), some interior work and some electronics.

A full documentation of a 119.980 rebuild (long block) is coming. I would consider this motor the most capable motor ever put into production.

Also on the front burner is a full DIY for that most pesky of DIYs - the 140 evaporator.

Enjoy! - Greg

140 Owners Manuals (in .pdf format) - dating from 1993

EA (Electronic Accelerator) and ETA (Electronic Throttle Actuator) notes

EA, ETA and Butterfly Valve R&R (pictorial)

Mercedes specific OBD-II code and scanner management (On Board Diagnostics)

Ticking Lifters - Replacing Oil Guides on the Mercedes 5.0L V8 (pictorial) Updated!

Front Shock replacement (pictorial)

How to replace Door Checks (hinge catches) on the 140 S Class (pictorial)

5.0L V8 Motor Mount replacement (pictorial) <--lame, but you may find useful

Rear Hydraulic Accumulator Suspension replacement (pictorial)

Hydraulic Struts Replacement (pictorial)

Brakes, all the way around (pictorial)

How to replace Sway Bar Bushings and Arm Links on the 140 S class (pictorial)

How to replace interior Aspirator Blower Motor/Temperature Sensor on the 140 S class (pictorial)

How to replace the Water Pump on the 5.0L 119.980(pictorial)

How to replace Evaporator and Heat Exchanger on W140 (warning - this one is lenghty pictorial)

How to test all 23 Vacuum Elements on W140 (pictorial)

How to replace Blower Fan Motor, Blower Fan Controller, Charcoal Filter on the 140 S class (pictorial)

How to replace the combo Power Steering & Suspension Hydraulic Pump (pictorial)

How to fix a stripped wheel lug (female) - pictorial

How to replace all radiator hoses and windshield washer heaters (pictorial)

How to replace the infamous "T" coolant connector (pictorial)

How to change the engine oil on the 5.0L V8 (M119) 140 S class (pictorial)

How to test and replace spark plugs, secondary/primary coils and plug resistor packs (pictorial)

How to replace Alternator bearings (pictorial)

How to flush radiator on the 5.0L V8 (pictorial)

How to replace the Thermostat on the 5.0L V8 (pictorial)

How to recharge the Air Conditioner using inexpensive 134A gas and PAG Oil (pictorial)

How to re-hang exhaust and muffler on the 140 S Class (pictorial)

How to align motorized balanced Factory Xenon headlamps (pictorial)

How to flush hydraulic fluid on the 140 S class (pictorial)

How to PRESSURE FLUSH the brake fluid on the 140 S Class (pictorial)

How to replace the Becker 1492 radio control head (pictorial)

How to hook up iPod/iPhone to CD input on Becker 1492 (pictorial)

How to replace front wheel bearings on the 140 S class (pictorial)

How to replace the factory remote CD player (pictorial)

How to replace Cam Chain Tensioners on the 5.0L (pictorial)

How to replace the headlight wiper motors on the 140 S class (pictorial)

How to replace/repair exterior mirrors and heaters on the 140 S class (pictorial)

How to replace the generator brushes and voltage regulator on the 5.0L (pictorial)

How to replace the Serpentine Belt on the 5.0L (pictorial)

How to replace the Belt Tensioner and bearings on a 5.0L (pictorial)

How to replace the Steering Damper on the 140 S class (pictorial)

How to replace the Transmission Mount and Shifter Bushings on the 140 S class (pictorial)

How to replace the rear-end Differential Oil on a 140 S class (pictorial)

How to adjust the rear 500/600 series hydraulic ride height (pictorial)

How to replace ALL rear-end suspension links (pictorial)

How to drop rear sub-frame on 140 S class (pictorial)

How to replace the rear view mirror - also a way to tighten mirror without replacement (pictorial)